Edmund gets revenge, Gwendolyn is murdered and Governor Wilburn rises to power

RATCHED has set Netflix records as the most popular new show of 2020 – but what could be in store for a follow-up series?

The gruesome Ryan Murphy show left audiences 48 million-strong reeling with its extreme gore and disturbing themes.

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Lobotomies, amputations and child abuse all featured prominently across the eight episodes, with some upset viewers claiming the show should’ve included more explicit trigger warnings.

A second season has already been confirmed, with Netflix ordering two installments from the beginning back in 2017.

In fact, Nurse Ratched actress Sarah Paulson even hinted at plans for four seasons in total to Elle.com, taking the timeline up to the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest era.

As for what we think’s in store for season 2, read on for our top predictions.



Edmund’s revenge

Edmund (Finn Wittrock) made no secret of the fact he was coming for Mildred in the finale episode.

The murderer was broken out of Lucia State Hospital by Charlotte Wells (Sophie Okonedo), who due to her multiple personality disorder had convinced herself that she was Dr Richard Hanover (Jon Jon Briones).

Before he was sprung loose, Edmund held Betsy Bucket (Judy Davis) at gunpoint and demanded to know what Mildred’s plans for him were.

Terrified, she admitted that Mildred had planned to kill Edmund with a lethal injection to save him from a brutal death in the electric chair.

However, Edmund failed to see the act as a merciful one and instead felt deeply betrayed, vowing to make Mildred pay for what she would’ve done.

He even managed to find her residence in Mexico, calling her in the closing minutes of the scene to let her know as much.

Mildred had been suffering nightmares of being brutally murdered by Edmund – but will he make good on his word?

He appeated to be driving south of the US border the last time we saw him, so no doubt his blood-thirsty plans will become clear in season 2.



Gwendolyn’s cancer battle

Gwendolyn Briggs (Cynthia Nixon) was diagnosed with cancer towards the end of the season and was seen to be losing her hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

She appeared to be running out of hope and begged Mildred to accept her death, but she was having none of it and vowed to pursue more cutting-edge treatments in Mexico.

Well, Mildred made good on her word – Gwendolyn looked much better in the flash-forward to their life in Mexico, having undergone more sophisticated cancer treatments.

However, Gwendolyn’s relationship could be her downfall, regardless of whether she makes a full recovery.

She would be an easy target for Edmund, who has a score to settle with Mildred, and may want to break her heart just as his was by the death of Dolly (Alice Englert).

If we were Gwendolyn, we’d be looking over our shoulder…



The rise of Governor Wilburn

Governor Wilburn’s (Vincent D’Onofrio) political campaigning stooped to new lows towards the end of season 1.

The sleazy politician initially appeared to be on the right side of history, investing in mental health care at Lucia State Hospital as a PR exercise.

However, he soon became preoccupied with appeasing his constituents’ bloodlust and vowed to have Edmund sentenced to death to make an example of his crimes.

Things took an even darker turn as he began to embrace the sick theatrics of the death penalty, shunning the lethal injection for the electric chair.

In the lead up to Edmund’s escape he appeared to be making more headlines than ever – so could he have secured his re-election?

If so, not doubt his constituency will be on the path to more punitive, optic-driven policies than ever before.



Ratched kills again

Ratched isn’t one to take threats likely and in the closing moments of the finale she seemed just as determined to take down Edmun as he was to murder her.

The pair share a troubled past, having both endured heinous child abuse together at an array of foster homes.

Mildred had vowed to rescue Edmund from his death sentence to repay him for letting her flee after he murdered their foster parents, who forced them to perform sex acts on each other for audiences.

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However, after he ignored her advice and ran away with Dolly, Mildred became far more cynical about whether Edmund could be redeemed.

She even met up with her social care worker from when she was a child, who advised her to give up on saving Edmund, claiming he couldn’t be reached.

When he threatened Mildred by calling her Mexico residence, she warned him that he was the one who should be worried, because she was coming for him.

Will she carry out her threats, or was she simply bluffing to dissuade Edmund? Only time will tell…



Bucket on top

Betsy Bucket came out on top after a fraught battle to the top of Lucia State Hospital.

During her rivalry with Mildred she was demoted from her position Head Nurse, but was momentarily appeased by prospect of a romance with Dr Hanover.

However, he only agreed to invite her to the hospital’s dance under threats from Mildred and ultimately snapped, brutally insulting her in front of the entire hospital.

After hitting rock bottom Betsy vowed to get revenge on Mildred, but instead the pair ended up forming an alliance to wrench the hospital from Dr Hanover.



After Hanover’s crimes were exposed he went on the run, only to be murdered by Charlotte during a violent episode of her multiple personalities disorder.

With him out of the way, Betsy was appointed interim head of the hospital, a position that was seemingly extended by the rich heiress funding her work.

After snapping out of her infatuation Betsy was extremely critical of Hanover’s work and vowed to lead a progressive, forward-looking facility.

By season 2 her new regime should be in full swing – so here’s hoping the likes of scolding baths and lobotomies are a thing of the past.

Ratched season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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