Harmeet Dhillon from President Trump’s Legal Team Says They are Expecting to Finalize the States Needed to Win the Election

Corrupt Democrats, Big Tech and the Media are not going to win their latest attempted coup of the Trump administration.  President Trump’s team expects to win the election by the end of the week.

Trump legal advisor Harmett Dhillon was on with Lou Dobbs tonight.  When asked whether the President will win the election and not have it stolen by the corrupt Democrats, Harmett shared the following (at the 3:00 mark below):

Well yes I’m confident that some of those things will be resolved without a lawsuit.  But the narrow ones that require it, we are going to very aggressively pursue them all the way.

Hopefully we will win soon.  We are projecting by the end of the week hopefully to be able to finalize the two more states that we need. 

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