No, Trump Didn’t Concede And The Media Won’t Get Away With Manufacturing That Narrative Either

President Trump will never concede.

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton never really conceded. She traveled around the world claiming the election was stolen from her by using the “Russians helped Trump narrative.”

She claimed she had more popular votes and thus, she won the election. She blasted the electoral college, the same electoral college that secured her husband’s two terms, and had no issues with it.

How about Stacey Abrams? She still thinks she’s the rightful governor of Georgia. So why should Trump ever concede?

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The media went overboard by exaggerating a tweet by Trump on Sunday morning and they didn’t let us. They claimed because the Commander-in-Chief started off his tweet with “He won,” referring to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

After the massive eruptions in false tweets and lies about Trump conceding, the president put this tweet out there the silence his critics.

Sidney Powell seems to have all the answers

On Sunday, Attorney Sidney Powell appeared on Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo now is saying they have a great deal of evidence on Dominion–wouldn’t divulge exactly what they have because she doesn’t want to tip off the other side to everything.

However, she said there is so much corruption involved with the purchasing of the software that it’s unbelievable.  She’s explaining how the votes could be accessed and shifted–from overseas.

She’s calling it massive election fraud and how it’s done.  She says she can prove all of it and has a sworn statement from a person involved with the design of it.

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I am pretty sure Trump won this election by a landslide


He should definitely keep going until the legitimacy of this election is no longer in question.  If we have to do the whole thing over with safeguards in place, then we have to do the whole thing over. 

Nothing would be worse than the continued stench of this fraud hanging over our election system.

If we had a good AG, he or she would be ordering the US Marshalls across the states in question that used Dominion and detain all employees and handlers and seize ALL Dominion equipment.

Then analyze them and hand over the results to the Justice Department and the other to the President.

If Republican legislators certify this sham of an election, then, in the end, they should get the full blame.

Biden has no real support

Biden’s support is full of anarchists ready to pounce if he takes the presidential oath. These losers answer to nobody and is only an anti-trump movement which is predominantly driven and run by globalist oligarchs and other communist overlords.

The minions and insane Antifa/BLM types are brown shirts useful idiots being manipulated by the above-mentioned stakeholders. that they own the press, that they signaled ahead of time that no Trump win would ever be acknowledged should remove any element of surprise.

Let’s just say, if Biden manages to steal the election, the BLM, Antifa and the Marxists will have the socialist utopia they richly deserve.

The Republican states can expel the scum to New York and California. The currency will collapse, people will starve, the big cities will become killing fields.

The patriots will move to Republican states and will prosper through hard work, fiscal responsibility, not welfare.

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Believe what you want

Who can provide a list of states where the vote has been certified?

Once states do and legislatures elect electors we will know without and doubt who won the Presidency. Until then things are fluid since it would appear at this point neither candidate has an uncontested win.

It is taking longer since we never had this many states stop counting for some reason on election night. Never in 100 years has this happened. All swing states.

Thank God for Trump. No one else would have the balls to stand up to this fraudulent challenge. He is relentless, no matter how many times people have attacked him or tried to tie his hands or force him to quit.

He is exactly the leader needed for this time period, unstoppable.


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